Our School

St. Michael is a Catholic School where students’ spiritual development thrives through the support of home, school and Church. Consistent with Ministry curriculum requirements and expectations, we offer a complete Full-Day Kindergarten to Grade 8 academic curriculum. In addition, St. Michael Catholic Academy provides an enriched Arts program (ERAP) which offers students from across York Region, an opportunity to develop their skills, discover their passion and expand their exposure to the arts as part of a complete educational experience.

The mission of St. Michael Catholic Academy is to educate each student to reach his/her full academic and artistic potential through a well-balanced curriculum which values discipline of mind, academic excellence and cooperative participation in a Christ-centered learning community where our diversity and our unique Canadian identity are embraced in partnership with home and Church.

Elementary Regional Arts Program (ERAP)

St. Michael Catholic Academy in Thornhill is home to the York Catholic Board’s Elementary Regional Arts Program (ERAP). Arts programming (Gr. 4-Gr. 8) is taught by qualified teachers who possess expertise in their respective fields. Auditions are not required. At St. Michael,

  • Students develop their skills and enhance their interest in the arts
  • Grade Four to Grade Eight Rotary – teachers engage students in a rotary schedule for arts and academic programs which includes: Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Science, Geography, History and Physical Education.
  • Emphasis on Literacy & Numeracy.
  • Co-curricular component including: bands, choirs, an annual art exhibit, a musical drama production, and a variety of athletics.


A student who meets the registration requirements for the York Catholic District School Board can register for the St. Michael’s ERAP program.

  • Auditions are NOT required.
  • Registration packages can be download from the YCDSB website or you may contact the school for a registration package.
  • Registration packages are available in January.

St. Michael Catholic Academy ~ students discover their passion!

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