Celebrating Black History throughout the month of February and beyond

St. Michael Catholic Academy is proud to celebrate Black History throughout the month of February and beyond. We will be joining the YCDSB with tweets and website updates to celebrate some of the victories and achievements of our Black students and staff who are making a positive impact in our school and community.

Michael, a grade 8 student at St. Michael Academy and his siblings, Ashely and Andrew alumni (now attending St. Joseph Morrow Park CSS and St. Robert CHS respectively) demonstrate daily that they are living the Catholic Graduate expectations. Michael recently received the Virtue of Compassion and excels in the Elementary Regional Arts Program. Ashley and Andrew are both recipients of the Ursula Reid, Founding Principal’s Award.  These three siblings have been committed members of the SML family, volunteering to assist teachers, participating as both cast and crew at the play and face painting at our annual barbecue. Andrew has even dressed as Santa to delight the school’s youngest students at Christmastime.  This family inspires others through their school and community involvement.